Monday, 9 December 2013

Fu's Quest For Ramen at Thought Bubble and Other News

It's been about three weeks since the Thought Bubble Convention in Leeds and man was it a blast, I got to chat to some cool creators such as Jeffery Brown, Nicholas Gurewitche and Becky Cloonan well as meet some awesome people from the internet like James Harvey, Becky & Frank and Olly Moss.

More importantly all the copies of Fu's Quest I took to Thought Bubble sold out and currently to date I've sold over 50 copies in just three weeks, which for a first time self-published comic I think is pretty good. What was even more awesome was Adi Granov of Marvel Comics and Iron Man fame even bought one, which I can't describe in any other way, humbled me to do more work as much as I can.

As well as selling out at Thought Bubble, Fu's Quest also sold out at Travelling Man Leeds, York and Manchester so to celebrate this I've decided to lower the price of Fu's Quest to £1.75 as opposed to £2.00 indefinitely which hopefully means Fu can reach even more people. It's been a strange experience selling a comic as every once in a while some one will ask me if I can sign it for them which is both a bewildering and awe inspiring experience pushing me to want to create more for these people. To say I have sold this many really is breath taking for meso please keep an eye out for more Fu related stuff and other comic-ky things, so please don't forget to check this blog and my twitter/tumblr (links to the right) for updates.

For those interested in the sequel I've got the basic plot mapped out and I'm in the process of designing the character's that will appear in it and for the foreseeable future the next Fu will be produced entirely digitally for ease. To sell as many copies as I have it really is inspiring and urges me to do more work and not just Fu related stuff so don't forget to check this blog and my twitter/tumblr (links to the right) for more updates, doodles and what have yous.

Remember Fu's Quest For Ramen is currently only available from Travelling Man Stores.

Thank you once again with being patient with the site, the comic and store pages should hopefully be functional soon and you'll be able to buy things straight from this blog as well.