Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Piccolo Piece for Dragon ball Zine

Over the weekend whilst I wasn't at work, I found out about a little project over on Tumblr called the Dragon Ball Zine. It basically seems to consist of fan art of the characters from Dragon Ball.

The deadline was on Sunday meaning I had 2-3 evenings to get it done. Eventually I settled on doing Piccolo as there wasn't enough love for this dude and I can only remember the episode where he and Goku take a driving lesson.

Overall I think the colours work well and the line work is relatively good considering this was massively rushed. I wish I could have thought up a better composition for this piece but, I just glad I managed to get something done. Hopefully I'll make it into the zine when it's printed.

Check out more submissions for the zine here: http://dragonballzine.tumblr.com/

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