Saturday, 7 September 2013

Fu's Quest For Ramen Cover

Hey guys and girls, I've been relatively busy the last few days sorting out my office and practicing my art/3D skills. In the mean time of that I've also finally inked and scanned the little comic I've been working on passively since 2008 (it's only eight pages, who knew University would take up so much time?).

'Fu's Quest for Ramen' features a small ninja named Fu as he must go on a quest to find a new set of ramen for dinner, the comic is a sort of ode to both kid's stories and over the top shonen style manga.

This 8 page mini comic will be available to read for free on this site both in it's own little section and as a PDF download, a print edition will come later which will have exclusive extras and will be available directly from this blog and at exclusively at Travelling Man stores in the UK (prices/dates to be confirmed).

It's been really fun working on this project especially as over the years when working on it my skills have increased and style changed slightly, along with Bartkira this marks my first set of comics I've finished this year and it feels pretty good. I hope you'll love Fu as much as I've loved drawing him between uni assignments and my job.

For now check out the cover. Get Hyped.

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  1. Well Done , Canny wait te read it, !!!!!