Monday, 17 June 2013

Final Bartkira Pages and Evaluation

 Volume 5, Page 036
It's been a while since I've posted as I've been busy flying off to China and finishing up Bartkira in an incredibly hurried fashion due to bad planning and not having my art equipment with me whilst abroad, with that out of the way I wanted to share with you my final pages I did for James Harvey's Project: Bartkira.

    The first thing I did when recreating the pages I was assigned to was carefully look at all 5 pages, soaking them in. Once I was satisfied I had looked over them enough times I set about roughing out the pages by drawing out the panels on B4 size paper with HB Pencil and then using a 2H mechanical pencil I draw in the backgrounds and the rough forms of the characters. After that I use a H mechanical pencil to start drawing in the details, such as faces and background details, once the pencils are completed I then start about inking.

    For the inking process I use several sized pens, a 0.05 for small detail, 0.1 for general details, 0.3 for outlines of characters and buildings and a brush pen for large areas of black. The first thing I always ink are the boarders of the panels, followed by the standard details and then the backgrounds and outlines. For the Akira pages that have tones on them I use the inks to try re-create the effect as best I can, once all the inks are completed I carefully rub out the pencils, scan them in and adjust the levels in Photoshop before finally saving them at the correct resolution.

Volume 5, Page 037
    Overall I felt this project has been instrumental in restoring my interest in creating comics, I feel that what lets these five pages down the most is the subtle style change over them that shows I was getting to grips with drawing the characters but, by the last few pages the quality of the pencils/inks are much better despite a few discrepancies. Drawing backgrounds really challenged me but, they are one of the things that I think are consistently well-done and I really want to do more elaborate backgrounds in some future comics.

One of the main things I feel that let me down was drawing at B4 size as opposed to A3 as it forced me to draw smaller and not quite getting the whole original panel in my re-creation but, the final pages look good enough I feel for my skill level, the other is the fact that I created the speech bubbles by hand which, makes it look kinda sloppy, next time I do a comic I'm going to research the correct way to do speech bubbles traditionally or create them digitally. For my next comic I'm going to try do the base pencils in blue digitally then ink by hand as I feel my traditional inking is much better than my digital inking and start using grayscale colours if not fully colouring them. The main point of this project was to recreate the assigned Akira pages with Simpson characters, despite my flaws in making it these five pages do what they're supposed to, the characters look like who they're meant to be, the composition follows that of the original and there's a distinction of uniqueness to the pieces so in that sense my work was a success.
Volume 5, Page 038

I'm grateful I had the chance to take chance in Project: Bartkira as I feel it's been good for me, creatively, to take part in such a large scale project and it has also inspired me to continue on with my artwork especially comics. Heck! If I everget time I'd want to try do a coloured version of these 5 pages.

For more info on Bartkira check out James Harvey's Tumblr where news of the torrent file to Barkira will be up:

Volume 5, Page 039 (my personal favorite)
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Volume 5, Page 040

You can find my Bartkira pages without the comparison to the originals on both my Tumblr or in the Illustration section of this site. I would love to hear your opinions on my pieces in either the comments here or on any of my twitter/tumblr.