Monday, 15 April 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man or, Fandom Strikes.

Back in December 2012, Marvel released The Amazing Spider-Man #700, inside that issue a certain event happened that made me incredibly disappointed with the whole creative team who made that issue and it's previous issues leading up to this event.

I felt that it was rushed and smeared the character's history and defining moments all for a gimmick, my reaction in hindsight was one full of passion but at the same time. The way I dealt with this feeling, looking back on it was idiotic at the very least.

Due to one issue and a change to the status quo I sold all of my Amazing Spider-Man issues that I had been collecting since I was 15, over 7 years of collecting (#529-#700) and reading stories about one of my favorite characters. After ASM#700 the title relaunched with this change in status quo still in place as The Superior Spider-Man, I was determined not to read it but as the issues came out my comic reading felt some what empty without Spider-Man or Peter Parker.

Several months later I decided that I needed Spider-Man back in my life but not just the new series, the issues that I had also sold too but they had to be the ones that I had bought myself  I was incredibly lucky in that the comics dealer I had sold my issues to still had them and had only sold issues #698, #699 and #700 and I could accept that I would have to hunt them down myself (Which now I thankfully have!). I got off lucky with this mistake but I've learned my lesson which is if you really love the character never get swayed by one issue as with all super hero comics it'll eventually go back to status quo.

So, with my comics back I've decided to make the re-purchase of them worth it. I'll be posting a review of each story arc and pin point great stories from the lesser ones, I'll also be boosting my digital painting skills and portfolio by doing illustrations of key plot points of costume changes as best as I can so, to celebrate this I've started off by doing a tribute to the classic spidey pin-up which served as the cover to ASM #300 (drawn by Todd McFarlane). This is only the second time I've done a large photoshop piece but I think I'm getting faster at it, there are some anatomy issues but that comes both from inexperience with the tablet and using the original picture from reference. Overall though I'm proud of this piece and it serves as a good start to this little side project and I can't wait to start reading Spidey again!

It's good to have you back boys!

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