Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Check This Out: Godzilla: The Half Century War

Last week the final issue of "Godzilla: The Half Century War" was released and with it concluded one of the best Godzilla stories ever!

Written and drawn by James Stokoe (Orc Stain, Sulivan's Sluggers), this 5 part series tells the tale of the arrival and key battles of Godzilla through the eyes of a soldier. I highly recommend this short series to anyone who enjoys comics as I didn't pick this up because I was a fan of Godzilla, what caught my eye was the stunning artwork, with a mix of eastern and western artistic influences, Stokoe builds fantastic imagery that's never boring to look at, even panels that just feature people talking is dynamic and interesting to look at and of course the most important thing, Godzilla and all his fellow monsters look bitching! All of this ties together so well with Stokoe's use of inks and unconventional colour choices and gradients that it really is just a please to flick through and even more to stop and read and just let it all soak in.

The story itself is really ingenious too, I've seen some Godzilla films and they're generally dip when it focuses on human characters often because they're quite two-dimensional but, Half Century War differs in that the story is told solely from the perspective of Japanese soldier Lieutenant Ota, the reader gets to hear Ota's intimate thoughts on Godzilla as he soon becomes obsessed with trying to understand the King of Monsters and the situation he's be put in time and time again by the creature, this really helps capture the sense of Godzilla as this towering unstoppable force of nature and humans are powerless against it.

(Stokoe captures the visual representation of Godzilla's Trademark roar perfectly.)

Half Century War is definitely a pulp read as it's doesn't try to pretend it's more sophisticated than it really is and just delivers on a really compelling read with kickass art that would be great stepping on point for anyone interested in getting into Godzilla films or comics but with Half Century War being so good, it may be a tall order to beat within the franchise. 

So, go, go now! And try track down all the parts that make up this fantastic story or wait until May 21st when IDW will be releasing the Graphic Novel which will collect all issues. I can't say enough how good this little series is so please, please give it a try!

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