Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Gent of "Ladies & Gentlemen"

Hey guys, just here to share a traditional pen and pencil drawing of a character from my friends Richard Worth and Jordan Collver's comic "Ladies & Gentlemen". Drawn on a rainy evening a few weeks ago we have 'The Gent' a masked Victorian-era Hero, a strong and courageous man who never speaks he appears when ever injustice may happen to rear it's ugly head!

It was good to get back on the traditional tools between getting a new copy of photoshop and remaking all my brushes again. I'm now torn between doing more traditional based things (mainly comic based ideas) and digital painting but, I'm sure I'll find time to fit them both in, heh.

Check out more of Rich and Jordan's work including the chance to read the first issue of their comic over at their blog; The Water Closet Press, there's some pretty awesome stuff going on over there!

The first two issues of "Ladies and Gentlemen" are available at Travelling Man comic shops across the UK.

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