Monday, 25 March 2013


Back when I first emailed off to be a part of Bartkira (before a proper cast of characters was made and when Bart was Tetsuo) I did this quick and dirty doodle of Bartsuo in photoshop.

It turned out alright to say it was rush job, but it still shows I've got a way to go in working with colour in photoshop, I should also slow down better as looking at it now there are some glaring errors with anatomy and the way the shading falls on what is supposed to be folds on the clothes.

This quick piece did help me fix the issues I was having with my current copy of photoshop and gave me an excuse to try re-create my custom brushes. This only took little over an hour to do so it does mean I'm getting faster/more confident in my work and skills but for better quality I should probably slow down and think more whilst drawing. For Bartkira I'm probably going to work in black and whites for the sake of my own skill but to also play better homage to Akira itself.

Whilst we're on Bartkira keep an eye out for character study sketches of Principal Skinner, Laura Powers and Dr. Hibert. If you're following the project, you'll know who these characters are standing in for heh. This project is going to be too much fun I think...

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