Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Game Republic

Well the Game Republic Showcase was an interesting experience, many people seemed interested in our game and gave lot's of positive feedback and the judges seemed quite interested in our work. Unfortunately in the end we didn't win any awards in any of the categories and it resulted in us really confirming our own opinions about our work, which is it's not on a  good enough standard yet. We don't believe that Gutsy's Quest in a concept we should give up on but that it just needs alot more work (and a lot more time).

The day itself wasn't really that informing either in terms of practical information as when the panel at the end of the day opened up and it was time to hear about the benefits of Unity and how to break into the games industry it was information that I had read/heard or learnt about before (which I guess means I had done some pretty extensive research over the last few years?). Everything that could be applied to me in terms of applying for a job was asked in the base questions to get the panel started, I guess it was nice to hear these answers told again but it was a bit of a downer that there was no new information for me to take in. One thing that the panellists talked about was having passion for the work and I think that's something I've lost over the last few years, the passion for art and video games being that outside of doing them for uni I haven't had much time to sit down and draw or play games to full get absorbed into the experience of them and that's something I'm looking to re-kindle after I finish university.

Coming away from the event I released that I do really have to develop my skills and my portfolio alot more in general and I guess that's what I'll be doing anyway (see 3 year plan). Will and I believe we shouldn't give up on Gutsy as we do believe there is a gap in the market for an adventure game you can pick up and play in short bursts on your way to work and what have you, from here we will try develop it further into more of a rounded off experience that's much better than the current build whilst looking to find a proper coder considering that neither of us had much experience in the matter.

Overall the day was okay, there was a lot of waiting around and it was fairly exciting to be showing our game to someone else but at the end of the day all it really did for us was show us where we had fallen short and how ill prepared we were compared to other teams (although in some areas I'm not sure how we could have been more prepared given the time we had). I think what stung the most for us is that through the whole day we never got any constructive criticism, everything we heard was positive which doesn't really help us much. If other Game Republic Events are like this it might be worth signing up to show off our work to more potential employers or just really get ourselves out there but for now all I'm really thinking about is having a break from all of it to recharge my batteries.

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