Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Final Major Project: Production Line

With the alpha of Gutsy's Quest pretty much finished at it's fullest extent in terms of time we're looking onto the Game Republic Showcase and how we can build on Gutsy for that.

Obviously taking in all criticism we've received so far and adjusting them for this new Gutsy Project I thought it would be best to devise a concise plan of how to approach the overall process of developing a level (as the other components such as characters have already been completed there for don't need to be revisited from a design standpoint).

1. Level Design: In this stage we talk about what we want in the level and draw out a floor plan accordingly with a key of all assets that appear in the level (much like a previous post illustrates)

2. Build Level in Maya: Using Maya we build the level but without assets that will need coding such as characters and destructable objects.

3. Import the built level as a whole into Unity

4. Add characters and destructable objects (and any other items players interact with).

5. Code the components one by one (this includes adding the sfx and music) This ensures that things stay focused and that we complete one task and make sure it works before moving onto the next thing.

6. Add GUI and Start Menus

7. Test Play and fix any problems.

Considering most of the head way has been done with the alpha only minor things will need to be touched upon and few little assets and materials will need to be created a new hopefully making the overall game process much quicker as the ground work has been completed and I feel this method of production should also give clear check points as when to move onto the next part of the process.

Hopefully this next level will be completed much better than this previous one.

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