Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Final Major Project: My Own Impressions of The Alpha

With this very basic Alpha build complete I thought I would share my own thoughts on Gutsy's Quest so far.

Currently I think both Will and I could have done better, especially several of the things the feedback from my friend highlighted. First of all the level layout could have been much better and similar to the one I built in Maya as we should have just imported it into Unity without the destructible objects and characters rather than try recreate it in Unity with the individual assets.

Next is the GUI, I think given more time to look into it we could have got it too look and work just like the images in the previous posts showing how we wanted it to look. Basically my own griefs with Gutsy's current build we mostly highlighted in the previous post and I feel it was because we were trying to do too much at one time instead of tackling things like coding one step at a time.

For the Game Republic version I'm going to suggest to will that I take on some of the coding duties to take the weight off him since the "art" assets are already finished and approach the game's build and code one step at a time. Whilst I don't see our combined efforts as a failure I do think we could have done better, perhaps with more communication in the crucial stage of putting it all together this could have gone smoother but beyond that it has been issues that were out of our control such as coding errors and the likes. These are all things that will be worked on for the game republic version as it's the one we're placing our bets on as it's the one with the most at stake as winning any award could mean job opportunities for the two of us. The solution to this is take what we've learned from building this alpha and start again from the ground up.

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