Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Final Major Project: Get Ready, GO!!

As Mentioned in the previous post, the tutorial will disappear and the players will get a prompt that game play is about to begin as illustrated in this gif file here.

Using this way to signify when the player will have control and when the game begins is perfect for the alpha we're trying to build as it's an exercise in code and art. the art being the geometry and animation and the code being the thing that makes it all work. In the planned alpha players would basically take on hordes of constantly spawning skeletons until the player dies, so a precursor similar to a racing or fighting game fits very well I feel.

These gif files have proved to be a source of great importance now that the alpha has gone astray some what, as it gives me a chance to show how the GUIs are supposed to work. For this reason I'll use them when trying to convey how GUIs in future should work/appear.

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