Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Final Major Project: Game Bible

As part of our deliverables we set ourselves the challenge of putting together a game bible. Honestly though I had no idea what I was supposed to be putting in this as originally I thought I would act as a sort of glorified game manual with some behind the scenes annotation.

My only experience of a Game Bible is from Tale of Tales game 'The Graveyard' where in they feature a post mortem (found here) which gives the insight to their project that I've been giving throughout my blog posts so I decided to go forward with making a somewhat glorified game manual with a heavily abridged version of events of how the game came to be and how it'll be handled after hand in as I've tread this ground in my blog posts. Also using Tale of Tales' post mortem proved to be difficult in the vast differences between the ways we're approaching games, Will and I aimed to make a basic game with solid gameplay that would be fun for people to play, where as from what I gather Tale of tales wanted to make some kind of statement about what games can be like if you don't focus on gameplay or other traditional things that are associated with the medium. So to use it as a pseudo template was going to be hard from the beginning.

I feel that whilst the official game bible will feel short I believe it fills it's purpose, if people want to go much more in-depth about the process of the game being made they can simply look through the collection of PDF'd files from the blog posts.

With this complete this is the last of the work I had to complete from here it's about collecting work for hand in and writing evaluations.

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