Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Final Major Project: Final Level in Unity

Considering the alpha build of Gutsy had a layout which wasn't the proper intention for the final build so I imported the level I built in Maya into Unity.

This would allow people to atleast walk around the intended play area for Gutsy's Quest and take in the works that's been put into modelling and texturing it.

First though there were several little problems such as the normals for the flat planes facing the wrong, after that was fixed the textures for the grass and the trees needed to be fixed to get rid of the Haloing effect. So using a plugin called solidify which brings the edges of an image out the the border I fixed the haloing effect (along with using the clamping option on the grass). I also added a Sky box to re-enforce the idea of a night time scene.

Overall I think this gives people a good opportunity to exercising a part of Gutsy's Quest there is the slight problem that the grass acts as a collider when it should allow people to pass through it and also some of the grass doesn't marry up around the items it's placed arround. These are all things to take into account when creating the next Gutsy Level, making sure that it can look it's best in Maya before transferring it into Unity and Importing it without colliders on the geometry by default.

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