Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Final Major Project: Current Impressions and Quick Fixes

Unfortunately We've passed a point where I think there's no way for us to get an alpha build working and looking exactly the way we want it to. Ideally I wanted to put it all together last Friday but we decided to get the weight painting right it needed to be put back to the Monday after, then coding problems have arisen and have continued through to Tuesday which means currently I, personally feel a working alpha for hand in to the level we want is impossible.

Whilst we have made several breakthroughs in the code it's not been enough to get it done on time. Coupled with a "face palm" moment of finding out Unity's own website offer a side by side tutorial and game level specifically for build and coding a third person platformer game. Which if we had known about from the start would probably help excel us in the stages where we were getting stuck.

I feel that our main problem when putting the game together was that we were jumping around between assets too much instead of focusing on on asset and getting it's coding right then moving onto another asset to do the same.

That said there's still time for the Game Republic version of Gutsy's Quest to be built and we can take these new pieces of information and method of work into consideration and apply them as such. It really is just a shame that the alpha, whilst currently works, does not meet any where near the standard we were after. But by using the tutorials from Unity, I'm sure we can bring the next version up to scratch.

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