Friday, 25 May 2012

Creative Development: What Will Go in My Portfolio?

Currently as it stands I have a large body of work that I've produced over the last few years that generally focuses on character creation, within these pieces there are also prop designs and various other pieces. So the question is, what exactly should I put in my portfolio?

With the prospect of applying for jobs as a concept artist and considering the amount of work I've put into Gutsy's Quest I think it'd be wise to put a good share of pieces in that especially ones that illustrate the development of Gutsy from a final design to a final model with a texture to illustrate that I can see the development process through one medium to another. I also think putting in the start screen piece might also be quite a good choice as it's one of the few pieces where I've drawn a full background and it's generally a nice piece. Along with this I think I should put in pieces of the turnarounds, video turnarounds and prop design work for Gutsy's Quest as I think it rounds out my work on the project relatively well.

Along with these I think I'll be putting in the pieces I developed for last years end of show as they show a change in style to the more cartoony Gutsy's Quest, I'll be putting in the final designs and turarounds. I think it would also be a good idea to put in some life drawing pieces aswell as I've been told it's almost an essential part of any good portfolio from many tutors and friends alike.

On top of that I'll try add some personal pieces that I feel are suitable to illustrate my skills as a concept artist but overall I don't feel as though I have enough work (or of a high enough level) for a decent portfolio I would show to potential employers. This is something I seriously want to work on as the concept of drawing has become some what of a chore for me over the last few years and whilst some times it can be enjoyable I don't enjoy it as much as I used to so if I'm honest, I'm not entirely sure what to put in my portfolio after wards as besides entering art college over 5 years ago I haven't really had to do it. I want to really get back into the fun of drawing but to also have the time to dedicate to working on this skill I'm supposed to be so qualified of come the end of university, and whilst I do feel like I've expanded and developed my skills currently I feel like a (very basic) jack of all trades rather than being as good as I should be by now, so as a part of my 3 year plan I'll be spending the next 6 - 12 months focusing entirely of making my art much better through tutorials and practise to build a much better and more professional portfolio using everything I've learned over that last 3 years but to also get a fresh start creatively and try find some of the love again.

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