Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Creative Development: Updated Three Year plan

Considering the new insight into the working world I've got from looking for jobs I thought it might be best to adjust and expand on my three year plan.

I'll still be spending the first 12 - 18 months developing my skills but in this sense it would be things such as specifically working on a higher level of quality when it comes to the art including developing a range of styles, from cartoony to realistic. During this time I will also take extensive life drawing classes and try drawing from life a lot more, I will also develop my modelling and texturing skills by seeing these designs and art pieces realised into three-dimensions whilst closely looking at how professionals model their games aswell as developing my abilities in both Maya and 3ds max. In this time as my portfolio grows I will seek out and apply for internships where applicable by either emailing studios asking for it or finding places that offer them.

Also during this time I will look to create mods for existing games using tools such as garry's mod for source or making mods for other games that allow it. During this time seeing how Will feels about it I could also work on Gutsy's Quest more building levels, assets and improving it considerably and trying to sell it via our original ideals. I will also join up to Game Republic and try get to as many of their networking events and others as possible.

In the next year and a half depending on how well Gutsy's Quest goes it could lead to developing this further and becoming our own little game studio or continue to look for work with an expanded portfolio of work and skills. Initially around the UK, Yorkshire area and then begin to branch out depending on the success rate of my hunt around Yorkshire.

Through out all of this I will also be trying to increase my web presence by posting up as much of work as possible and using my social networking sites as possible to promote myself. One key thing I've discovered is if you want people to notice you don't be afraid to do fan-art as people love seeing things they like in new forms but just don't put any of it in your portfolio.

Following that I'm not sure there's much else I can do besides keep developing my skills and keep applying for jobs. During this time though I plan to play loads of games, read loads of books and watch loads of films to get as much inspiration and influence as I can and just try re-kindle my love for things that I didn't have to time to love for the last few months.

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