Thursday, 24 May 2012

Creative Development: Ukie (Part 2)

So far my look into Ukie hasn't cast the organisation in a good light, So next I'll be looking into what membership has with Ukie to see if there is some kind of hidden weapon some where in these paragraphs.

From my current opinion it's really surprising to see the list of members who are a part of Ukie, comapnies such as Rising Star Games, EA and Square Enix . So perhaps there is something to Ukie? Below is what a membership to Ukie gets you;
UKIE is the only trade body that represents the UK’s wider interactive entertainment industry. We value our members and our priority is to champion their interests and needs. Our comprehensive membership package is solely aimed to give each and every member the support they need to flourish in our exciting industry. Below are details of the main benefits of UKIE membership. For more information contact Sam Collins on (0207 534 0580) or via email at UKIE promotes networking 
UKIE connects members for mutual benefit.
All new members are electronically introduced to existing members and receive dedicated space on our website. Members also get access to our sub groups which influence UKIE policy and facilitate networking. UKIE promotes the industry to policy makersWe are proactively engaged with key government departments and work closely with them on policy creation and implementation. UKIE is the body government turns to for consultation on industry related matters. We also attend all the major party conferences and arrange for local MP’s to meet UKIE members.  
UKIE and industry events
UKIE actively organises and supports key industry events including London Games Festival, Gamescom, Develop, Casual Connect, Edinburgh Interactive and Digital Shoreditch as well as events from the mobile, advertising and new media sectors. UKIE also hosts events on the key commercial and business issues of the day. Members are offered numerous discounts on UKIE and partner events throughout the year.  
UKIE and crime
Our intellectual property crime unit (IPCU) is dedicated to catching criminals and removing counterfeit games from sale. Our highly experienced team have an outstanding track record of successful prosecution and, in doing so, protecting the future of the industry.  
UKIE and education
UKIE is driving forward the delivery of the Livingstone Hope review and works with Stemnet and SkillSet to ensure high quality, appropriately qualified graduates enter the UK gaming workforce. We support the long term future of the industry through our work with educational bodies.  
UKIE and consumers
We promote the industry in a positive and constructive way to the press and directly to consumers. We successfully championed the pan-European age rating system, work with organisations such as UKCCIS and run the consumer information site UKIE is the go-to organisation for consumers.   
UKIE and market data
UKIE exclusively owns the UK video game charts and gives its members access to numerous consumer and market reports. Members also receive free of charge quarterly market trends reports. UKIE has an exclusive contract with Research and Development tax claim specialists Jumpstart to help UKIE members make applications to HMRC. Jumpstart assess the potential claim, undertake all submissions and only receive a fee on successful claims. To date, Jumpstart have successfully claimed over £18m from the revenue and customs office.  
UKIE supports your business
UKIE offers a comprehensive range of business support services that include directories of specialist suppliers of legal, HR and accountancy services, use of a London meeting room and business networking.
Looking over what the membership has to offer there isn't much here that I don't think I would be able to get at either TIGA or Game Republic, one thing that is worrying is that there isn't there doesn't seem to be a specific  target, I can't tell if they're aiming towards businesses and developers or individual people (it seems more like they're promoting themselves and the idea of the industry as a whole as far as I can understand). Compared to TIGA or Game Republic, Ukie really does seem to fall short and considering I haven't really heard much of it from any friends currently in the industry my guess would be my assumptions about them maybe on the nose.

Judging from what I've seen here I think I'll be giving Ukie a miss as I think I would have much better luck else where due to a lack of focus in their presentation and a general uncertainty to what benefits I could get from them that I wouldn't be able to get else where.

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