Thursday, 24 May 2012

Creative Development: Ukie (Part 1)

Much like TIGA, Ukie is an organisation that specialises in looking out for games producers, more specifically in terms of giving companies a voice to the government and consumers whilst also creating the best working environments for members of Ukie.

Whilst part of their commune is aimed at games developers, Ukie deals in interactive media as a whole as opposed to TIGA and Game Republic, but they do state that they will help with IP theft by minimalising the cost of damages to the victim (As opposed to the other two which just state you'll receive help with legal cases), this seems like a very specific advantage to joining but not much else seems to be present here that can't be found over at TIGA. Ukie says they give information to consumers but that seems to be the same kind that can be found over at TIGA, which is basically age ratings, they also have a list of specific education facilities where one would get the proper qualifications to enter the games industry but this comes from Skill Set anyway.

It seems like Ukie is trying to be like TIGA but it falls short on many things and the only decent service they offer is the IP Crime Unit which seems like a bit of a crack down on copyright infringement especially when saying that they monitor carboot sales and seize infringing products but I feel like the efforts could be better spent on other elements of the overall organisation.

So far Ukie is shaping up to look like the weakest organisation out of the three I've looked at and it doesn't seem to be that focused or organised in comparison but perhaps the membership offers will shed some light on this and cast Ukie in a better light with me.

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