Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Creative Development: Traveller's Tales is Hiring

Traveller's Tales is a Cheshire based games company famous most recently for being the main company behind any Lego based video game.

Currently TT Games has a few openings that I think I should apply for the first one is the role of a games tester, this could be a good gateway position to network with people despite the stories I've heard of Game Developer's just using the testers and chewing them out, the ad is below;

We have an ongoing recruitment process that pools applicants and contacts them when games testers are next required. If you would like to be considered the next time we hire, please email your CV and a covering letter to 
The role would be situated at our offices in Wilmslow and Knutsford, and applicants must have:
- The ability to work both Early Shifts and Late Shifts
- Excellent verbal and written English
- Good knowledge of the games industry and current consoles
- Proficiency in PC applications (including Microsoft Office applications)
If you are re-applying, then please state this in your cover letter. 
Salary: Competitive
I believe I have all this skills for the position and considering the position would be in Knutsford, Cheshire, it's not too far away to move to but for the sake of just a networking job it may seem a little far fetched. I would imagine that this position would require laborious testing such as making sure all the colliders work and other such trivialities to make sure the game doesn't have any bugs.

Another position TT Games are offering is the role of a Junior Artist that would seem like a wonderful opportunity but the ad doesn't really expand on what is required of the role. The ad is below;
We are looking for junior artists who show a creative spark, and strong natural artistic ability. Maya experience would be desirable, but is not essential.  
Candidates should send their cv and sample images to or post their cv FAO James Cunliffe at the Traveller's Tales address on the contacts page.
The position seems really mysterious but I'm hesitant to send off any sample images or a CV incase it isn't as good as the requirements they're after. Again if the position open in two weeks from now I will apply for it as the best thing about this position is that it doesn't seem to require any prior experience.

I'm beginning to feel the sting of what the Imagine FX article said about being ready to move at the drop of a hat as there a plenty of job opportunities as the jobs are out there but in various places who knows where I will be in 6 months time.

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