Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Creative Development: TIGA (Part 2)

So far TIGA seems like a great organisation to join but only if you're an established game studio, if you're just starting it seems like a huge waste of money but perhaps the membership details would shed some light on this and make membership seem a bit more valuable to a newbie.

So what does membership with TIGA offer?;

TIGA: who we areThe games industry is changing.
  • The traditional work for hire practice is giving way to new business models. 
  • UK game developers are increasingly self-publishing. Digital distribution is in the ascent. Retail is in decline. 
  • Developers have access to more options in terms of platforms, genres and distribution than ever before.  At TIGA we are enabling our members to navigate these changes and to grow their businesses.
  • TIGA is the trade association representing the UK games industry. 
  • Our mission is to fight for the interests of game developers/developer-publishers and to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business. 
  • TIGA is an award winning business with a first class team. 
  • We understand the needs of indie-developers, start-ups and games developers generally: TIGA itself is a small business and it is run by game developers for game developers.
How can TIGA help me?
  • You will be better connected Meet other leaders in the games industry 
  • Expand your network of contacts 
  • Access online resources on the TIGA website

  • TIGA runs networking events around the UK, giving you the opportunity to network, promote your services and develop new business opportunities.>Our events include casual games development, raising finance, self-publishing and an annual dinner at the House of Commons.
You will receive professional business advice
  • Free TIGA Guide to Self-Publishing, worth £120
  • 30 minute free consultation with a TIGA board member on how to manage your business once per year, Free legal templates, including draft publisher agreements 

You will save money 
  • Free legal advice and health check, worth up to £1,500 p.a. 
  • 10 per cent saving on French Duncan accountancy services, potentially worth £500 
  • 40 per cent discount with Escape Studios for any Online Self-Directed course (e.g. Maya Essentials Bundle, NUKE for 3D Artists, V-Ray for Max) 
  • 10 per cent off Loxley Royalty services, worth between £500 and £1,000 p.a. 
  • 20 per cent discount off a Marmalade Professional Licence, equivalent to a £700 per-seat discount 
  • 20 per cent off recruitment fees from MPG UniversalQuite Great PR Service: sign up for a three month campaign and get one month free 
  • 40 per cent off Short Round Music services for new customers, 25 per cent for returning customers 
  • 10 per cent off Testology QA services 
  • 20 per cent off Universally Speaking localisation services
  • Discounts of 10 – 30 per cent on tickets for over 40 industry events, including GDC San Francisco, Evolve Conference, Develop Brighton, Mobile Game Forum, Flash Gaming Summit, Planet of the apps, GDC Europe and Eurogamer – worth £200 if you attend 20 events Workspace discount worth £132 per annum
You will have a higher profile
  • Press release announcing your membership of TIGA distributed to the trade media 
  • Free consultation with PR professionals, Quite Great PR Opportunity to speak at TIGA events
  • You will have an unrivalled champion in the media and in political circles TIGA champions the industry in the media and has been featured on the BBC, Sky, ITV, STV, CNBC, Radio 4, Radio 5 Live, the Sun, the Metro and in every UK broadsheet newspaper 
  • TIGA campaigns for the introduction of policies to help the video games industry, including measures to improve access to finance, the introduction of a Creative Content Fund and Games Tax Relief, better R&D tax credits, investment in skills and education, and a flexible migration policy TIGA campaigned for and helped to achieve an enhanced Small Firms R&D Tax Credit in the 2011 Budget - worth approximately £7 million to the UK video games industry per annum 
  • Secured Games Tax Relief (GTR) in the March 2012 Budget, worth around £100 million to the UK games development and digital publishing sector over five years. GTR will effectively reduce the cost of games development, improve access to finance, promote investment and job creation in the games industry.

Looking over what TIGA has to offer it does look good from a business stand point but as an individual it's not really that good, and again there's no assistance to get help finding a job or internship and solely looks out for businesses and companies that produce games so compared to Game Republic it's alot more industry based rather than individually. Also currently there are no places for membership at the moment as far as I understand from the website. The Benefits I could reap from this again would be much better for a company rather than a single person.

TIGA would be a great organisation to join if I were starting up a game studio but as it stands I'm just looking for a job which would make joining up to Game Republic more relevant to me as if I join a company they will most likely be a member of TIGA.

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