Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Creative Development: TIGA (Part 1)

TIGA is a trade organisation that specialises in representing the UK's Game Industry. Essentially TIGA is the equivalent of a worker's union for the games industry in the UK that aim to make sure that it's member's receive the best chance to compete in the market as much as any other game company, they also represent the games industry on the political front fighting for the rights of workers within the industry, most recently convincing the government to give a tax break on the game production.

Since the formation of TIGA, they've won many awards for their outstanding work such as winning Trade association of the year (2010) and awards in outstanding marketing campaigns (2011). TIGA is synonymous with the UK Games industry and it seems that almost anyone who is making games in the UK is a member.

Their website also plays host to a job section, whilst it is somewhat unorganised it still shows that they want to represent studios and help people get jobs and studios complete tasks. Along with the Jobs listing their is also a list of where one can get specific courses pertaining to game development.

The main TIGA website acts as a sort of base for all things to do with the UK games industry including events and what not, they don't have a news feed of everything to do with the games industry and that keeps it focused on the basics. What it doesn't seem to offer is any way to get an internship, it seems that very little websites do and I still need to find one that does or offers any advice to those looking for one.

Next I'll be looking at what a membership with TIGA can bring.

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