Monday, 28 May 2012

Creative development: The Three Year Plan

Now that I'm coming to the end of my time at education it's time to start formulating a plan of what to do about spending the next several years and finding a job in my ideal industry.

Currently I'm quite fortunate that I already have a job and can afford to sustain myself and I feel I should use this to my advantage as I can focus on developing my portfolio and searching for a new job whilst keeping a fair comfortable lifestyle.

My plan for the next three years isn't really all that complex. For the first 6-12 months I plan on working on my practical skills such as my modelling and digital art skills and building up my online presence within this time. This will include working on producing a range a nigh quality pieces of work for my portfolio whilst developing my skills using tutorials and generally experimenting to show how good of a conceptual artist I can be. During this time I will also be developing my modelling and texturing skills using new pieces of software such as 3ds Max. I fell this is a wise choice as I've learned a lot of new skills during my time at university but I haven't had enough to to hone and refine them to a level I would feel comfortable presenting to future employers.

Through out this whole time I will join Game Republic and use the membership benefits such as networking opportunities to get to meet people within the industry to raise my profile, I feel this is a good move as Game Republic definitely seems to look out for the individual and at it's very reasonable membership few per year it would be silly not to.

By the the second and third years I'll still continue to work on my individual disciplines, developing my conceptual, modelling and texturing skills but, whilst also beginning to apply for jobs within the United Kingdom and surrounding countries as a member who completes atleast one of the several skill sets I've been developing as I feel by that point I would have a more extensive portfolio that I can use to represent my skills and self in interviews. When it comes to applying for jobs I will research the company so that I'm prepared for the interview.

In short I want to spend atleast a year building up my portfolio and skills whilst building up my web presence and exposure via going to networking events. Once I feel that I have a portfolio that shows a range of skills and abilities I will begin to start applying for appropriate jobs at games companies in and around the UK whilst also trying to apply for jobs overseas (this would come with learning the required language). I feel this is what would work best for me and come the 1st of june I can't wait to start putting my plan into action.

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