Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Creative Development: Team 17 is Hiring

Team 17, developer of the acclaimed Worms series of games in currently hiring. This would be a wonderful opportunity for me as Team 17 is based in Wakefield, not too far away and I really like some of the games produced by the developer and it seems like a fun company to work for based of the style of games they release.

The Job that caught my eye was for the occupation for an "Experience 2D/3D Game Artist", considering the work I've just completed on my most recent project this seems like a very fitting role to slid into.

The job requires the applicant to have skills and experience in  being a "Environment Artist, 2D / Concept / Texture Artist, UI Artist", again this is almost the exact roles that I undertook in Gutsy's Quest.

Below is the full ad;
Team17 Software are looking for an experienced, passionate and creative 2D/3D Artist to come and join our team, Strong traditional skills are a must as is good solid 3D modelling and texturing skills. 
• Strong 2D Skills
• Good solid low poly modelling
• Good texturing skills
• Good mix of styles
• Good photoshop skills 
• Maya skill set
• Illustrator knowledge
• Flash experience
• UI experience
• Normal mapping techniques
• Concepting skills

Looking over the requirements I think if I compile a portfolio consisting of Gutsy's Quest art and some other pieces and write up my CV I feel I would be able to get this job as the requirements all seem to relate to my skills. Another benefit of this Job is that it's only in Wakefield which is just a train ride away so if I were to get the Job it would be a pretty good deal I think. I am curious as to what project this job may relate to but ultimately if this role is still up in a few weeks I may even apply for it after game republic!

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