Thursday, 24 May 2012

Creative Development: Presenting a Portfolio

After figuring out the types of work I want to put into my portfolio (along with pieces I want to develop) I also have to figure out how I would present my portfolio.

Aside from bringing a physical copy of my portfolio in an A3 format to interviews, in this age of internet wizardry and fast paced self promotion it would be wise to present my portfolio online.

There are many ways of which I could do this using applications and websites such as wordpress, Issu or indexhibit but when looking over these they seem very html heavy and unfortunately I know very little about coding and want to be up and running as fast as possible.

Back in 2010 I found that Deviant Art offers a portfolio service that is incredible easy to operate and manage, where in a user can set their own url and upload up to four galleries of 18 image, adding up to a total of 72 images in total which is a very generous amount for a portfolio and surely enough for an employer to look over and decide whether they like your work on not.

The DA portfolio also offers an artist biography where in you can write about yourself but also upload your CV which would also prove to be useful for any future employers looking at the portfolio. The biography section also offers custom text boxes where in you can apply hmtl to add links or what not.

I think by using this format of digital portfolio with the right pieces and used to it's full potential will prove to be advantageous to my future job hunts especially considering that I have a link to it on my blog site (to which the address is on my business cards).

By applying the methodology of thinking I developed around portfolio building in the previous post to a physical and this digital portfolio I think I can really promote myself and my skills. Currently as it stands my DA (could stand for digital portfolio does need a huge over haul but I think if I didn't use this application to it's fullest potential I would be missing out on a great opportunity to get my work out there.

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