Thursday, 24 May 2012

Creative Development: The Power of Promotion

A large part of getting hired in the industry of video games seems to be centred around how well you can expose others to your work, I've heard and seen plenty of stories of artists online getting gigs working on video games and there's no mistake it'll probably be because of how well those artists have been exposed. So how will I be exposing the world to my art work?

First of all I have Twitter, Tumblr, deviant art, an online portfolio and blog spot, all these are easily accessible online. I can use Twitter to send out updates when every I've updated these to hopefully get people interested in my work.

Also considering that my blog from last year received over 75,000 page views and has a much catchier name than my current one, I'll be using that as my main blog once I've completed my course because of those reasons along with the fact that the url is simply my I've pre-empted this decision by putting the web address on my business card. I plan to use my blog as a sort of a hub for all things ken by adding the appropriate links to things such as my twitter and online portfolio. That said I do need to adjust my old blog accordingly to make it look a bit more presentable, such as new header image and background.

Once the blog has been re-organised I will use it to post about pieces of work I've completed and various other things that a relevant to my development as a conceptual artist

I will also be heavily promoting Gutsy's Quest at the Game Republic Event by handing out stickers and bring my portfolio for the project to the show. Along with these I will also be handing out my business card to employees of the companies there to see the showcase, another good Idea would be to also use my phone as a promotional tool by uploading my portfolio onto it aswell as I have often found myself wishing I could show people my work directly as soon as I've met them.

So to break it down, I will be using Twitter, Tumblr, Deviant Art, My DA Portfolio, Business card and my phone to promote myself and my work. I will be using my blog "The Pop-Culture Worshipper" as a central hub and improve website for all things ken, with links to the respective sites listed above. People will be able to find this website by either goggling it or typing the address which is found on the back of business cards. I will use Twitter to promote any posts I do on any where on the web.

If I combine this promotional campaign along with actively trying to go to as many networking opportunities I think I can promote myself extremely well and make many contacts as well as increasing my exposure.

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