Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Creative Development: Personal Project

For a while I've been working on a little side project of a comic about a small ninja who goes on a quest to find the food dish of Ramen and along the way fights a dragon made of noodles.
This little project is just for fun but if I can get it finished in time for either the game republic showcase or the end of year show I'll be giving copies of it away there, whilst also selling it at local comic shops.

Whilst I have completed the art work for it, what seems to be most tricky is preping the comic for print, as this is my first comic I tried to do everything by hand (except for the cover) and this makes it hard to hide the pencil lines through photoshop wizardry. Another challenge that may arise is that the comic was drawn at B4 size which could cause scaling problems when it comes time to print.

my idea for the release of the comic is to sell it for £1 and you also get a free sticker of the titular character "Fu". I feel this will spread awareness of my work, doubly so if I put my various web addresses in the back page of the cover. From experience of completing the art work for this comic, the next one I do I may work entirely in blue tones for the pencils so that they will disappear more easily or just ink 100% digitally.

I'm going to keep working on my art skills as it's something I want to do but finding the time for it seems hard, hopefully once I finish university I'll have much more time to focus on that aspect of my skills.

Keep an eye out for Fu's Quest for Ramen sometime in the near future!

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