Thursday, 24 May 2012

Creative Development: Nicky Ball

Some Weeks back we had a guest speaker come and talk about their job and how to get into the entertainment industry. Nicky Ball works as a Free lance Job Manager and as a runner for various Production Companies. Whilst Nicky comes from a film and television background I'm sure the advice that she gives will be applicable to other sectors of the overall Entertainment industry.

The first question is obviously how does one get a job, Nicky Ball describes this as a cycle of "What do I want", "research", "make CV", Market/Promote Yourself", "Get Internship/Job".

When applying this to myself, I would want to be a concept/texture artist or a modeller. The next step would be to research various game studios that have opening and send off my CV and Portfolio, when it comes to the promoting of oneself I would keep up my blog and make use of my business card and go to Networking events (ideally using an organisation such as Game Republic) hopefully this would give me enough exposure to begin to get attention, along with the fact that I'd be improving my skills along the way. Finally after enough networking and exposure through meeting people, my blog/artwork and sending off application for jobs I should get a job. The unfortunate reality of this is that it may just take some time but hopefully networking with people in the industry and getting to know them should speed this process up.

When job searching, Nicky also suggested is that I ask myself questions along the way to make sure that I choose the job that would be right for me;

What department do I want to enter and at what level?
What Am I interested outside of work?
What are the easier areas to break into?
What do I dislike?
What Environment do I want to be in?
What will make me happy?

I feel by following these questions I would be sure to enter the right role/job for me. Another tip Nicky divulged is to find the credits and watch out for specific names so that I would know in future who to contact.

Along with this Nicky gave tips when writing a CV such as stating what I want in the personal profile and making sure that the job experience section is relevant.

Nicky gave some solid advice that whilst some of it is obvious information hearing it spoken out loud really does knock it home. This advice will help alot when it comes to formulating my 3 year plan but also when it comes to trying to get a job.

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