Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Creative Development: Looking at Concept Artists in a Game Studio (Part 1)

In issue#29 of Imagine FX, a magazine aimed towards people who are interested in creating fantasy art (primarily with digital tools) there are often great articles, one such articles was this one title "Life as A Concept Artist". The Article basically focuses on British game studio Rocksteady's art department and how hard they have to work especially on their last project "Batman: Arkham City".

One such example of how hard these concept artists have to work is Lee Oliver, the senior Concept Artist, created over 500 pieces of concept art with only 75% being featured in the final project, he cites that "Once in the Job you'll be worked hard". most likely referencing the amount of work he himself has to do. he goes on to say that you get freedom in the project in terms of what you use to create work but you have to respect the companies decisions. The article goes on to say that the concept artists don't all work in their own little bubbles but meet up to discuss ideas, they also don't just work in one stage, they work up and down the production pipeline to create art that suits the needs of the final product.

Finally they note that "securing an internship means you can learn from some of the best artists in the industry" and that it's important to keep honing your skills. They say to succeed at big studios like Rockstready you need to be all things to all people, competitive but team spirited, creative but analytical, a workaholic but know when it's time to take a break. You need an art education but also work experience, you need to be getting better with each day.

All of this makes the job of a concept artist sound almost gruelling but I believe that the pay off is worth the hard work. This article gives alot of insight to what's required of a concept artist and whilst it does seem over whelming it's still something I want to be a part of.

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