Thursday, 10 May 2012

Creative Development: Looking at Concept Artists in a Game Studio (Part 3)

Finally from the imagine FX article on British based games studio Rocksteady I'll be looking at their top 10 ways to be a concept artist.

1. Practise Drawing and painting a umber of different Subjects and don't limit your protfolio to one genre

2. Never be afraid of your painting software, because sometimes mistakes can be good.

3. Keep your portfolio limited to 20-30 pieces of your best work. Art directors have Busy schedules so it's best not to bore them with too many sketches/paintings.

4. You have to be willing and ready to move pretty much anywhere in the world which can be a pretty big decision.

5. Improve your character design skills by drawing inspiration from modern fashion cat walks.

6. Practise drawing/painting realistic interiors as you'll likely end up doing alot of those.

7. A good foundation in art is required for a career as a concept artist.

8. Draw everything around you as you'll never know what you'll have to conceptualise as part of your job.

9. Don't just send your portfolio to the big companies, these days there's lots of little companies creating all kinds of games that could lead to bigger opportunities than just aiming for the top first.

10. Your concepts need to work so don't be an artist be a designer!

I believe that's a fairly comprehensive list for tips on becoming a concept artist and there's definitely something to take away from this for personal develop! So if you'll excuse me I'll be right onto developing some more pieces for my portfolio!

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