Thursday, 24 May 2012

Creative Development: Imagine FX

Part of my plan for the next three years is to work on getting considerably better at my concept art, more specifically digital painting.

Over the last few years I've been buying the magazine Imagine FX and whilst I've just generally read the articles and used on or two of the free things you get on the free CD, I'm going to start really using the tutorials found in the magazines along with the Ctrl + Paint tutorials I think I would be able to improve my digital painting skills to make my portfolio give off a higher standard of quality.

I believe that as it is, my portfolio could stand to include a lot more content, including more environment pieces and just a general higher quality of work when it comes to characters design. Basically over the next year or so I really want to work on my artwork and develop my skills to include a look that's more in keeping with concept art I've seen over the last few years by working on a more painted look. I feel that by focusing on my artwork after completing university I should be able to develop my skills with out having to worry about the pressures of grades and what not.

I believe that whilst also developing my digital painting skills I should be able to build upon my texture painting skills as well which when applied to models should make some great portfolio entries.

I should also begin to consider building my portfolio for specific job applications such as building a comprehensive file that shows off my skills in the best light. Either way, I almost can't wait to start working on my digital art more.

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