Friday, 25 May 2012

Creative Development: Ideal places of Employment (Part 2)

Continuing from the previous post I'll continue to write about game studios I would like the chance to work for in my sense of "Ideal" places to work!

Ideal Place of Employment #3: Valve Corporation

Vale is an American video games developer who are notable for creating the Half Life, Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead series of games, they're also creators of the digital distribution service Steam.

What I enjoy about Valve and their products it's that they've managed to progress what you can do with the First Person Shooter genre, be it Half-Life with it's engrossing storyline and excellent graphics or Left 4 dead which redefines how to play co-operatively with friends. They're attitude towards employment is really reassuring and makes me feel like I want to be apart of their team, especially when their recruitment part of their website says things such as;
"We take care to ensure that employees and their families enjoy a smooth transition when coming to Valve. It's always rewarding to see new families comfortably settling in. That's how we know we've done our job well."
it shows that the company really do care. Whilst their main IPs centre around the FPS genre there is still variation between them, you have the zombie shooter Left 4 Dead that features realistic graphics then you have the stylised arena game Team Fortress 2 which shows they want to approach each new game in a different manner. the downside to this is that again this is another high profile studio that I would have to work extremely hard on my portfolio and online presence to even get noticed I think, but this is what networking events are for aswell. I think I would have to apply the same tactics I have in mind for my other two desirable places of employment when it comes to presenting a portfolio to valve to be a concept artist and again the issue of moving to a completely different country would be on the cards for when it comes to aiming for valve. Again if I could choose a department to work in much like the others it would be roles such as concept artist, 3D artist or texture artist and I should make sure that more portfolio would do the best to reflect those skills.

That's about it when it comes to my ideal places of employment, and whilst these high profiles studios are currently put pipe dreams for me to strive for it's good to have these goals but when it boils down to it I just want to improve my skills in my specialist areas and contribute to creating a game that will 1. Look good and will have memorable visuals and 2. be fun to play. I want to create games that people want to come back to, that they want to share with their friends, that shock and leave people in awe at the quality of how the game was put together. Aslong as I get to be a part of that I don't think I would mind working at any particular game studio as long as I was getting work and enjoying it at the same time.

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