Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Creative Development: Game Republic (Part 3)

Finally in my look at Game Republic, I will look at the student Showcase, something I've been entered into, so that I can better understand what I maybe in for in the coming weeks.

This year will mark the fifth time Game republic has set up a student showcase, in the previous years there have been judges from around Yorkshire who judge the work presented by students. A rough description of last year's showcase is given on Game Republic's website;
The (fourth) annual Student Showcase 2011 was held at Leeds Metropolitan University, Headingley Campus on Tuesday 24th May 2011 – and was a 100% privately funded and sponsored event. The Showcase was a fantastic opportunity for more than 60 final-year and postgraduate games course students from the Educational Partners of Game Republic, to display their best work to the biggest games developers in the region, and hopefully win awards. Previous awards have led to work placements for more than a dozen winners and full-time employment for three graduates.   
Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in four categories.
basically the concept of the show case is to present work to professionals to show what you're capable of, and whilst it says prizes have lead to placements, I would say that is a much better prize, but who knows what the prizes for this year could be.  Hopefully, our game will take home a first place in atleast one category but more importantly it could mean placements for both Will and I, the important thing would be to get our faces out there, this is where things such as business cards and other promotional material can go a long way into making an impression.

Once I finish the course I think I will be joining up to game republic as it seems without a doubt to be a great source of opportunities and if I work on my portfolio even more I can make these opportunities really work for me!

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