Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Creative Development: Game Republic (Part 2)

Looking deeper into Game Republic, I looked at what the membership with the networking organisation has to offer. With membership starting at £180 and below are the things that membership with Game Republic can offer.

A Louder Voice 
Being a member of a successful games network alongside companies including Revolution Software, Distinctive Developments and Sumo Digital and more gives you the commercial advantage in negotiating contracts, making contacts, marketing and attracting more business and clients. 
Game Republic Networking Events 
Networking events allow companies in the region to meet, share information and resources, outsource to each other and meet major international companies that can help their businesses. Game Republic networking events take place every month in Leeds and Sheffield, and various locations around the region. Previous events have included companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, OnLive, Unity, Microsoft and Intel. 
Special Member Offers 
Game Republic offers special discounts on global industry events, including discounts to Game Connection, Develop conferences and other essential events for games companies. 

The Livingstone-Hope Skills Review 
The Livingstone-Hope skills review produced by NESTA and DCMS recently included a raft of suggestions and recommendations for universities and games businesses to improve the skills base and talent pipeline in the UK. This report is influencing government policy and will be an essential part of any university games course strategy going forward to maintain industry relevance and undergraduate numbers – Game Republic provides access to industry and government to help with this process and will provide the vital link between games businesses and games courses to support the sector. 
Access to Funding 
Game Republic can provide resources to help businesses to access funding from both public and private organisations and investors. 

Access to New Talent 
Game Republic now includes higher education establishments as members to promote a closer collaboration between academia and industry through initiatives such as the Student Showcase. The student showcase provides companies with immediate access face-to-face to the newest graduate talent in the region. In addition the links enable companies to develop work placement opportunities. 
Professional Development 
Game Republic can provide useful referrals to professional industry training (CPD) from Educational Partner institutions. 
Game Development/Publishing 
Game Republic is an ideal sounding board for game ideas, viability of projects, and game mechanics, with the network available to discuss and help with games ideas and bring them to market. Game Republic has invaluable digital publishing knowledge, experience and contacts throughout the network. 
Game Republic website 
The Game Republic website will have permanent promotion of games businesses and opportunities for relevant news stories. Game Republic also has a Twitter feed with more than 350 followers. 
Game Republic Logo 
Member status in Game Republic allows companies to use the Game Republic logo (subject to approval) in publicity materials. 
Help with Recruitment 
All Game Republic members can advertise job roles for free on the GR website. The network also helps with personal referrals and contacts, and has extensive reach through social media sites such as Linked In. Game Republic can also help with special offers from recruitment agencies that advertise with the network.
Work Placements 
Game Republic membership includes access to potential work experience placements from our Educational Partners through events including the Student Showcase. Previous work placements from the result of Student Showcase events have resulted in two full-time posts. 
Game Republic News Updates 
A status report on the network with useful news, information, business opportunities, links and advertising from useful companies. The newsletter is emailed to all GR members, including games companies, digital companies, universities and individuals involved in the games industry in Yorkshire and the UK. 
The network will produce a bi-annual digest, with invaluable inside information and facts on trends in the UK games industry from regional and national perspective. The report will summarise key reports and case studies which can be used to enhance learning materials and inform research. Game Republic can also access and pass on reports from organisations such as UKTI – for example the recently-commissioned OMIS report on the Japanese games industry. 
Links With Other National Organisations 
Game Republic has excellent links with national organisations such as UKTI (UK Trade & Investment) which has previously helped companies with 50% funding to international events such as GDC and E3. Other organisations that Game Republic has a business relationship with include NESTA, TIGA and TSB. 
Game Republic Affiliates 
Game Republic partners with other games-related businesses to bring you special offers on PR, marketing, technology, research, consultancy, translation, investment, legal fees and recruitment.
When looking over the benefits of signing up, it does seems very tempting especially for once I leave university and start to look for job opportunities. From the offers of the membership currently what would be most beneficial to me would be things like the work placements, the help with recruitment and the networking events and if these benefits are as good as they are advertised, joining game republic could be a wonderful gate way to easier employment and networking chances, along with their list of members there is a good chance I'll get to meet people from these high profile companies and who knows where that could lead. With this in mind I think my best chance to experience game republic will be at the showcase.

Next I'll be looking at the Showcase I'll be going to.

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