Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Creative Development: Game Dev Map

When looking at the Gamasutra article there was a link to the website, which contains a listing of various game companies from around the world. I believe that this will become a useful tool when it comes to looking for jobs and internships.

When you click on one of the red dots you get a list of game companies in the area, using Game Dev map I already found those jobs at TT games and Team 17.

I believe I'll be using game dev map alot in the foreseeable future as I want to try focus on getting a job at a games company relatively near where I live as I primarily want to focus on improving and expanding my portfolio before going out to job hunt properly. The great part of this is that there is a great variety of game companies in and around the Yorkshire area, ranging from companies such as RockStar Leeds who focus on creating games aimed at mature audiences to developers like TT games who focus on creating games based around the Lego IP for all ages.

I think I should use this website to research the games companies that I would like to work for regardless of if they have positions open or not.

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