Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Creative Development: Edge Magazine Job ads (part 1)

I've been buying Edge magazine fore quite some time but up until January of this year it was relatively an on/off style of purchasing. Since Jan' I've be picking up Edge on a regular basis and I do really believe that it's one of the best magazines to stay on top of the games industry in a commercial sense, they also often feature great interviews with game creators based  on a large varieties of topics that often gets me thinking about how far games can go. It also features a regular column by Steve Poole, a writer who I based a lot of my dissertation around. Often in the back there's a section dedicated to ads from game companies looking for new employees so, I'll be looking at some of these ads and writing about what I should be doing to apply for these positions.

In this months issues, #240 there were only three ads for employment, the other were either for an education facility or a recruitment agency.

The first ad comes from the games company Stainless Games (, a UK based games company in the Isle of Wight famous for creating the very controversial game; Carmageddon (which they're currently have a kickstarter campaign for a new sequel) and more recently the hit downloadable game, Magic the gathering: Duels of The planes Walkers.

Unfortunately after seeing their ad and checking their website for the places they would have, there are no openings for an artist of any kind (concept, modelling or texture) so I guess that moves us swiftly onto the other ad in Edge this month.

The next ad comes from Codemasters (, a Warwickshire based UK game Developer, famous for working on such projects as the Dirt Franchise.

Again Unfortunately they have no spaces for an artist, they have one that is a technical artist but requires much more qualifications than I think I could have (as it seems I would need to change disciplines almost completely) as they ask for someone who is familiar in code and has an understanding of VFX. They also ask for five years experience within the industry. Baring that, there isn't much else I would be nearly qualified for.

The final ad comes from Media Molecule ( a Guildford based games company famous for creating the Little Big Planet games. Currently they only have one opening that I think would be near my skill set and that would be as a UI artist. Unfortunately my only experience with making User Interfaces is with Gutsy's Quest and their also asking for atleast 4 years experience with actually shipping products whilst also being an export in key adobe software of which I am neither

So, my first venture into looking for a employment in Edge magazine has fallen flat, coupled with the events at Game Republic it's beginning to be a real downer to try get into the games industry (or the realisation of just how much further  I have to go...) Ideally I'm trying to find junior positions much like I saw at TT games, I'll give Edge magazine one ore go and them I'll got out an actively seek any studio with that kind of position open.

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