Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Creative Development: Edge Magazine Job ads (part 2)

Last issue's Edge magazine was very limited when it came to the ad pages but luckily this issue, #238 (huh, seemed to have missed one..) has 8, a much better number so hopefully amoungst these pages I'll find a role that is at least suitable for me regardless of the experience needed.

The first ad is posted by Keen Games (, a German based games company known for developing the Disney IP game G-Force and a digital version the board game, Anno 1701. Their website mentions that they are currently working on a big sequel to one of Germany's most high profile action game.

Out of their openings one that might be possible for me is the role of environment artist. The usual requirements are their 3 years + in the industry but also extensive knowledge of programs like Z-brush. they do ask from someone who can blend photo textures perfectly so that might be something I can do but ultimately there's not much really that could be applied to me here.

The next ad comes from Sony UK ( for their various studios in and around the UK. Unfortunately they don't have any openings for any artists at this time.

Next up is Dice (, based in Sweden, the company famous for developing Mirror's Edge and the Battlefield series. Thankfully I've finally come across a role that I might be able to do, currently Dice are offering the job of a 3D artist who would be in charge of modelling aspects of the game by developing props, ranging from weapons to vehicles to other game world objects. They say that it would be my responsibility to understand the art direction of the game and see the bigger picture when planning my work load. they also ask that the applicant have these skills;

  • 3D Modelling
  • UV-Mapping
  • Implement 3D assets to game engine
  • Shader and Animation setup
  • Destruction creation and setup
  • Visually tweak 3D meshes according to Art Direction
  • Optimisation according to performance Guides

Most of these things I'm able to, I can also learn the missing abilities such as Destruction creation. They ask that I have three years of experience but also be proficient in atleast on industry standard program, which thankfully I think I know Maya relatively well at the moment.

For this Job I would have to create a wide portfolio of 3D assets both in and out of games that demonstrates a high level of understanding in these skills and show a range of models ranging from weapons to boxes and other real world items (much like I would with an art portfolio). They also ask that I be able to work in a team and considering that Gutsy's Quest has been a team project I think I've developed my working with others and communication skills considerably. Just before moving onto the next ad I noticed Dice do internships but only if they are part of the educational process, i.e. if you need an internship as part of your course to pass. Bummer.

Next is Asobo Studios (, a French games developer that deal in creating licensed based, action adventure and racing games, they've worked on titles such as Kinect Rush, Toy Story 3 and Fuel. Unfortunaetly at the moment they only have openings for Programmers.

Next on the list is Tequila Works (, a Spanish games developer who are creating the up and coming game Deadlight. Unfortunatly at the time of printing the magazine their openings seemed to have dried up...

After that next is Wooga Games (, a game developer situated in Germany that focuses on creating social games like the ones you might find on Facebook or in a browser. Luckily Here there's a position I maybe able to apply for, the role of Mobile game artist. In this role I would be responsible for creating character art, animation, userinterface and backgrounds for a mobile game, considering I pretty much took on this role with Gutsy's Quest I think I maybe quite suitable for the job.

Whilst hey ask for some one who has had experience with Mobile gaming, there are other qualifications that I meet, such as a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and experience with tools such as Photoshop and with benefits such as being able to add my own input and the low living cost of Berlin (where the studio is situated) really makes this sound appealing. For my portfolio for this job I think I should use a fair bit of Gutsy stuff such as character art and the development pieces but also produces some new pieces that are similar to the works Wooga have previously output, perhaps working on social games would be a good way to get a foot in the door of the games industry?

Next is Denmark based Io interactive (, the game company responsible for games such as the Hitman series. They don't have any roles that would be right for me on offer but they did have a link to a sister developer...

Hapti Games (, based in Copenhagen, Denmark is looking to work on console IPs and bring them to browser based gaming. Their Jobs section has an opening for a 3D artist which besides from strong skills with 3D must also be good at creating 2D assets, strong technical and creative skills and knowledge of the current types of games being released. The company is relatively new so i can use this to my advantage, portfolio wise I would choose stuff like Gutsy's Quest to fill it with with other supporting pieces to demonstrate my skills of 2D asset creation. This too could be a possible choice for me in the future..

Finally the last ad comes from Crytek (, with their Headquarters in Germany, Crytek also have studios in the UK, Korea and around the rest of Europe. Most famously Crytek develop their own 3D engines and have also produced a range of games including the Crysis series that acts as a sort of showcase for what their engine can do.

In their Frankfurt Studio, there's a position for a freelance Character artist but I think I'm quite under qualified for this position as they ask for understanding of photo realism, 5 years professional experience but there are other skills such as texturing and understanding of photoshop but looking through the requirements just reminds me of how much more work needs to go into my portfolio.

I did also discover that Crytek also take internships with the completion of a university course so i could very well apply for that as it looks like a great way to get experience and the benefits that come along with it such as being paid with accommodation looked after for you makes it seem like a really good opportunity, so I think I maybe developing my portfolio quite quickly to see if I can apply for this.

Looking for jobs has been a bit of an ye opener, there is still work that I have to do on my portfolio such as developing my conceptual and 3D skills but I really do think I take them beyond what I perceive to be my current amateurish level I should be able to begin to apply for jobs at places that specialise in browser or ios game. it's just going to require a lot of knuckling down. When it comes to companies that are over sees I think I'll just have to move there and try fit in as much as possible be it learning the language or customs obviously...

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