Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Creative Development: ctrl + Paint and Portfolio Building

As part of my personal development I want to work on my artwork for my portfolio, a part of this I want to get better at doing digital painting.

In my never ending quest to get better at this I found this website title ctrl + Paint which has many tutorials based on how to get better at digital painting ranging from beginner lessons to more advance techniques.

Over the summer I will be using this website and it's tutorials extensively to build my skills but also build a portfolio with a higher quality of work. I feel that by using these tutorials and the time I will get by finishing University I should be able to considerably make my work much better if I keep practising. So hopefully in three months my work will be much better if I keep at it and  I'll have better portfolio pieces, in this time I can also look at the requirements of certain jobs and create pieces in response to this.

I've been practising some digital painting since watch one or two of the tutorials and I think my painting skills have already improved some what but these were just rough pieces once I've finished Uni I'm definitely going to try crate a finished piece.

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