Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Creative Development: Business Cards

As part of Creative Development, for professional reasons it was suggested that I get business cards printed up to use at events such as the end of year show, the game republic showcase and generally be prepared for networking opportunities.

Business cards are useful in two sense, the first being that they promote myself by showing me to be organised but also it informs people about me and ways to contact me, on the back of these cards are the details to my phone, twitter, email and blogger address. Hopefully if people like me and my work they will want to see more and look up the stuff on my blogger or contact me. The back of the card also explains the roles I'm best at which are concept art, modelling and texturing.

The front of the card features an old illustration I had knocking around but had no use for but it looked pretty cool so I thought it would be fitting to appear on my business card. The overall design is simple and I think people will be able to understand it clearly enough.

I managed to get 500 of these for less than £50 so I think I got a good bargain there, I believe this is the start of some pretty good self branding....

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