Monday, 2 April 2012

Final Major Project: Wizard Development (Part 1)

When it came to developing the Evil wizard that would whisk the princess away to give Gutsy a reason to go on a quest.

The wizard is described as hideously ugly so using the wizard moodboard I put together I tried to adhear to the the conventions of the stereotypical image of a wizard but also create something unique.

Using the visual cues of what people recognise as a wizard I developed the face of Devioso the Wizard to try make him as weird/ugly looking as possible whilst trying to keep the feel of Gutsy's Quest in the art direction, I just tried to have fun with the design and the end result was this first set of preliminary designs above.

Everything looks pretty much just like you would expect and I'll continue to develop the design further trying to find just the right balance of ugly features on Devioso's face.

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