Monday, 2 April 2012

Final Major Project: Wizard Development (Part 3)

I took a look at the previous designs and felt that with the right colour scheme and components the design could be achieved that we would be happy with.

The result of this re-analysis was the design to the left that I feel works relatively well, using the same brush as the skeleton design I used colours featured in the wizard moodboard, the choice to use green for the skin came from a variety of sources found in the images on the moodboard to indicate that a character is bad or evil. The choice of colours for the robe also come from observations from the moodboard as they seemed to be standard colours used for Wizards, I went with this as I wanted audiences o instantly recognise that Devioso is a wizard and the final touches of adding stars over the robes is a minor reference to a cartoon I had seen recently just for kicks really.

I feel that this design if utilised properly can come off as comedic and slightly oafish which often lends to the humour we're trying to place in the game. If I'm honest I'm not 100% satisfied with the design but I feel with time moving on I will have to come to a sort of compromise. Despite this I feel Devioso looks like he belongs in the world of Gutsy's Quest regardless of whether he qualifies (in my mind) to be the image of the wizard we're after, ultimately it shouldn't matter too much as Devioso will not appear in the game as a 3D model but in the opening cutscene to give context as to why Gutsy is on his quest.

Next I'll be developing the princess Fairly character.

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