Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Final Major Project: Wizard Development (Part 4)

Believing I had finalised the design for the Devioso I posted the design along with the other completed ones up on my tumblr page (which posts to my twitter and facebook pages too) to generally see the reception of the designs (and receive praise, heh).

The overall consensus was that the designs were good but the colour of Devioso's skin was some what off putting, a suggestion of use a normal skin tone was put forward.

I adjusted this to see how it would look and indeed (as the image to the right indicates) the design looks much better and just as effective as the previous one.

This shows that audience/creative input can be helpful, especially when taking on a project of a scale that is new to you. Through out this project I've been asking other people their opinions on the designs of the characters but only at key stages, this event has prompted me to general ask anyone their opinions on the current state of what ever I'm working on so that I can continue to create the best possible output for the audience.

I feel that Devioso needs no further development from here and that this design is more than aliquot to move onwards to the princess design.

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