Friday, 13 April 2012

Final Major Project: UV Mapping

Over the last feew days I've been working on unwrapping the UV maps so that I can texture all of the 3D models.

I started with the props using a mixture of hand unwrapping and automatic, the result was that the process was relatively quick to complete as the only ones that required automatic mapping were the trees and (thankfully) the auto-map came out usable. During the process of mapping the props since it had been a whilse since I have done it I made a quick texture test and it worked (see below)! my mind had not given up on me (yet). With the props all UV mapped I moved onto Un wrapping the Characters.

Before working on the main body I though I would unwrap the weapons first, this was relatively easy and with my previous project in mind I'm making sure I can create the best UV map that I can. My only worry is that currently the weapons are seperate objects and have a map of their own so when everything is textured and I try to combine them will it make a problem? I'll have to find out when the time comes. Gutsy was a strange challenege as I used the plannar mapping method and my skills were still un familiar from the last time I did UV mapping so theres still a few re-teething problems but overall the process went smoothly and I even found out about a few problemswith the mesh along the way. Another concern I have is that several faces have become invisible on the mesh but perhaps they'll be fixed when the texture is layered over the top if not I'll have to look back into how I solved this problem last time.

Concerning time I found that there were a few faces that are not visible to the outside so I had a few faces on the UV map which I was unsure with what to do, I decided to add them into the map and paint them black and hopefully they'll be hidden or made much more visible. The skeleton was relatively easy to complete after Gutsy as it's a much simpler model in comparison.

Next comes the texturing!

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