Monday, 9 April 2012

Final Major Project: Title Screen Research

Before moving onto the next stage Will and I had a talk about how the progress of the project was going and much like every Monday we realised we needed a GUI and a Title screen. This process is great as we keep on track on tasks that need to be done.

Between completing the models and the UV mapping we decided Will would research more code whilst I would create the GUI and title screen. Before moving onto creating the title screen, as with the HUD research, I looked to previous games (as well as my memory) to see the key features of a start screen.

When looking just at the surface the most common feature is that the start screen shows a key element of the game, most often either a character or environment. This is a good way of informing the player of the contents of that game but also setting the tone of the game with the artstyle. Games more light hearted in tone are generally more simpler and bolder where as games aimed at larger audiences tend to have smaller fonts and focus on artwork.

So with that for Gutsy's Quest the title screen should be bold, colourful and show the players the mood or concept of the game.

The title screen also embellishes the logo is some capacity and features at least a "press to start", sometimes the start screen will have other options such as options or where applicable like load or multiplayer.

After looking over a bit of research I now know what to do when it comes to designing my own title screen for Gutsy's Quest. I need to show the player the type of game they're going to play both with illustration and with tone and I also need to decide which options should appear on the screen. Already, I'm getting ideas for the title screen!

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