Monday, 9 April 2012

Final Major Project: Title Screen Development

When it came to designing the title screen I developed several quick sketches in photoshop and chose the one I felt worked best and began developing it further. First I took the rough sketch and re-drew the composition in more detail, I then adjusted some of the details such as the position of the sword in Gutsy's sword.

After that I drew the inks for Gutsy using my preferred brush and the pen tool for the Sword. I followed the process of drawing the inks on the various components of the image using both the Brush and pen tools.

Once the inks were complete I moved onto doing the flat colours. It should be noted that each component is on it's on individual layer, organised into folders for ease of production. I moved onto the first layer of shading by using the multiple filter and various grey tones with a softer brush, I next added darker shading on yet another multiple filter and then a highlight layer.

With the image done I started to add the graphics such as the logo and the start button, finally adding the little touches such as giving the start logo a more unique look and adding more trees into the background.

Once I had finished the image I showed it to various customers and employees at my work asking "what kind of game does this look like" and all answered "you beat up skeletons". This means that the image depicts the exact game Will and I are making, the feed back I received also rated the quality of the art work as acceptable for a fun all ages game so overall I believe that the title screen was a success!

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