Monday, 23 April 2012

Final Major Project: Texturing Problems

Whilst texturing the assets there  some slight problems such as the ones shown in the image to the left here. The maps were not marrying up to their geometry counter parts as well as they should have.

After scratching my brain for ages trying to see what was wrong I asked my tutor what could be the problem and sure enough much like last year t was a case of two UV maps for one object. This was fixed by simple copying the map I wanted to use to the top of the stack in each individual UV texture editor window. With that it was fixed and the assets were looking their best again (after a few tweaks to the textures).

This was due to a mixture of when making a UV map not unchecking the "make new UV map option". Which is something I should watch out for in the future but luckily this was easy to fix and didn't require me to go back and re paint textures of anything like that.

With all the textures painted on the assets it was time to move on to putting the level together, overall I feel this part of the process is going swimmingly.

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