Monday, 23 April 2012

Final Major Project: Texturing The Level

After completing the texturing for the characters and sending them off to Will to be animated I proceeded to start texturing the scene assets.

This was as simple as going through the motions as the geometry was much simpler than the characters so texturing each item took a fraction of the time in comparison. By this point I had also developed an definite method for painting textures;

First I would colour the whole map in a base colour, then using the pen tool I would draw around the edges that would need to be highlighted. With the path of the Pen selected I would use the stroke path option with a airbrush as size 20 coloured black, then with the path still open I would take a colour slightly darker than the base colour and change the brush size to 10 and stroke the path. Finally I use a flat brush with a hard edge with a colour slightly lighter than the base and stroke it around the path with a size 3 brush.

The effects of this on the assets is astounding and I think it really captures the cartoony feel that We're trying to achieve with Gutsy's Quest, even giving it a unique look. Another nice side effect of this is that it also stops the game from looking dated as it looks like it could have been textured any where between 5 years in the past of 5 years in the future, hopefully audiences will agree with me on this mark. Overall I think this is some of the best work I've done texturing wise.

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