Friday, 20 April 2012

Final Major Project: Texture Painting (Part 2)

With the bodytexture for the skeleton completed there was really on the head and the sword left to do.

The head was slightly tricky in terms that I wasn't sure how to tackle it. Ultimately I ended up using a mixture of the two brushes, gradient effect and the pen tool. The eyes were made by having a layer with a darker gradient then a circular pen tool with the airbrush for the circumfrence and fill on the inside of the circle this gave the illusion of and whole, I then repeated this with the eye ball using white instead of black. The result makes it appear as though the eye is actually in the socket due to the feathering around the white. This effect was repeated around the jaw.

The teeth were completed using the bevel effect to make them pop out from the face and to the testament it wooks well enough. A small crack was added to the top of the skull to add a bit of character. With that last little detail added the body is complete, through out the painting I also went back and added gradient effect were needed to make things pop out from each other and this worked well.

Using the same techniques picked up from the skeleton I started on his weapon. This process was much quicker as I knew more about what I was doing and how to do it and there were less parts to the UV map. Key details such as using the bevel effect to make the nodes on the sword pop out, the use of gradients to make it look like theres a jewel in the centre of the sword and general use of brushed and the pen tool to make the blade seem more eye catching.

With the sword done, I then moved it up and adjusted the skeleton's hand to make it appear as though he's holding it then combining the two meshes for the sake of animations. With that last touch complete the skeleton is finished and ready to be sent to Will where it will be rigged, weight painted and animated!

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