Friday, 20 April 2012

Final Major Project: Texture Painting (Part 3)

Before setting onto the task of painting Gutsy's texture and considering how easy it was to paint the props I decided I'm complete the sword and shield first as a warm up before tackling Gutsy.

The sword, much like the skeleton's was simple to complete using the pen tool and the correct brushes along with the gradient tool. The result is proof that I've really improved my texture making skills since I first tried them as the sword indeed looks like the design would in a 3D environment.

Moving on to the shield I exercised the same skills, drawing the airbrush around the edges of the geometry. I used a tip from the "3D game textures book" to make the wood on the back of the shield seem more real, by drawing black lines on a new layer and adding an ebossed effect it really makes the texture pop out . The final part to the completion of the shield was to add the heart on to the main area, to do this I imported the heart image from the logo and simpley resized it saving time on trying to re draw it.

Overall I think this looks pretty good and hopefully I can make Gutsy's texture look just as good to keep up the level of quality.

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