Friday, 20 April 2012

Final Major Project: Texture Painting (Part 1)

With all the UV maps ready to be painted Isarted to paint one of the more simpler of the two characters.

Starting by impoting the UV map for the Skeleton into Photoshop I first had to invert the map so that it was black lines on white. Considering that the main colour for the skeleton is "bleached bone" I decided to start by just filling the whole image on a new layer with this colour and over the top of the correct areas fill in where the gloves and boots are with brown.

During the research phase I practised some texturing, I used a book called "3D Game Textures" by Luke Ahearn. The book was really useful considering I had very like experience texturing and had some wonderful tips on getting textures to look more professional. Through out the texture painting phase I had Maya open so that i could consistantly check how my painting matches up to the model.

With the two base colours done I moved on to completing the details such as adding the highlights using a mixture of two brushes, and air bursh and a flat 'inking' brush, this created a good effect and really gave a professional look to the texture. I continued to add highlights where I thought were needed such as on the gloves boots and rims of the rib cage.

With the highlights done I moved on to adding the metal plates onto the boots and gloves. This was done by adding a new layer and painting in the block colours for the plates, after this was done to all the right areas I then added the bevel effect in photoshop using the suggested values from the 3D game texture book such as using vivd light and over lay options. This creates the illusion of depth the effect and is clear bennefit that modelling everything.

After adding the correct black sections to the model it was time to tackle the rib cage. I tried various things here including the bevel effect but nothing looked quite right. After trying various things the best thing was to ultimately just paint two black lines on the rib cage in the right place and the effect was surprising suitable.

So far the majority of the texture paitning has been easy due to the way I've unwrapped the UV map and I feel that this is already a promising standard for the rest of the models.

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